A downloadable The Alpinist - preview

[EDIT: We removed the prototype! Thanks a lot for playing, your feedbacks and all the videos you made :) We hope you'll play the game once it is released!]

The game featured here is a beta prototype. The finished version will be available this summer.

The Alpinist is a 2D narrative contemplative platformer developped by Bobcat Studio, a team composed of six students in graphic design and video games.
You play as Z., a woman climbing a mountain following a tragic event. You will confront dangerous situations, calling for your character climbing competences and, sometimes, your survival instinct.
During this initiatory journey, discover her story and learn more about mountain climbing, nature and wildlife.

Product specifications  

Publisher: Bobcat Studio 
Developer: Bobcat Studio   
Rating: 10+ years old 
Category: Platformer   
Languages: English (French and Spanish planned)
PC + controller (Xbox 360, Xbox One) 
Offered free of charge with donation possibility

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Понравилось, жду новой версии, пробуй:

Hello, thanks for the video! Sadly, none of us speak russian, but we shared it on our playlist on our Youtube channel :) Hope you enjoyed the game!

Very good game. I'm waiting for new versions!)

Ran into a few glitches but overall it's a distinct and lovely journey... Hopefully one day I'll get to reach the top. :)